Prenatal classes

Giving birth is reaching the womenhood´s height. I believe that you can experience your baby´s birth knowlingy nad provide the best strat to your baby into the „outer“ world. The natural power is within you. Just find it out.

Classes are individual or in small groups. You can create your own prenatal class by choosing the topics. The parts about birth and child care are designated for fathers-to-be, too.

Prenatal class includes:

Understanding the normal birth

Work with your mind

Positive attitudes to birth

Objective information about interventions during birth at hospital – according the newest studies

The importance of last six weeks for an easy birth

Natural methods of pain relief

Relaxation and breathing techniques

Baby-care class includes:

Bonding after birth

Specialities of newborns

Basics of psychomotorical development

Practical care of the baby – giving a bath, cosmetics, changing diapers etc.

Resuscitation of a baby

Breastfeeding and postpartum

The right start to saccesful breastfeeding

What is good to know about breastfeeding

How to care of yourself to recoverfast and well after birth

For more information contact the lector:

Petra Kratochvílová, cell-phone: +420 774 691 333