Pregnancy consultations

I provide comprehensive care of pregnant woman. My goal is a healthy and happy mother.

How looks like the pregnancy consultation:

During the first meeting we clear up your expectation and my possibilities. I write done your health history and current health condition. I´m interested in your life style – feeding habbits, physical aktivity, resting and sleep, level of stress.

I measure blood pressure, puls, I check the urine and I examine your belly (uterus with the baby) by hands at each consultation. I´m interested in all your troubles, even in those looking unsubstantial. After that I suggest the solution by adjustment of your life style and by using medical herbs, natural supplements etc. , if needed.

Healthy woman can go to her pregnancy check-ups to a midwife. If a serious problém occures, such woman is sent to a doctor. Most women attend midwife consultations as the addition to check-ups at the obstetritian.

For more information contact the lector:

Petra Kratochvílová, cell-phone: +420 774 691 333